Filmic Skin – ARRI Alexa Look & Skin Tones for Canon DSLRs

John Schultz

Filmic Skin

Filmic Skin was created to provide excellent skin tones straight from the camera. I initially started creating log emulations in order to maximize dynamic range, however I found that after converting back to normal gamma and output color, the skin tones didn’t look great. Additionally, I wanted to use these cameras for live streaming, which meant the HDMI output needed to look excellent. Using a Canon 1DX Mark II with a C300 Mark II as a reference (set up for ARRI Alexa LUT-compatible color), and studying both LogC and final ARRI Alexa edits, I created Filmic Skin to produce great skin tones straight from the camera. I then tested Filmic Skin on the 5D Mark III and it works excellent. Thus Filmic Skin should work well on all Canon DSLRs which support Canon Picture Styles.

  • Filmic Skin is an easy to use tool in helping to make your Canon DSLR footage to look similar to ARRI Alexa/Amira/Mini or C300 II footage, especially for skin tones. Straight out of camera: no LUTs required!
  • Filmic Skin is also useful for real-time applications, such as live streaming, where color must look excellent when complex post color work is not possible
  • Includes 5 Canon Picture Styles (this will grow as I optimize for specific cameras), a 17 page manual with tips on camera setup, image sharpening, multi-spectral detail enhancement (MSDE), converting 1080p to 4K, setting white balance and white balance offset, lighting for good skin tones, and a bonus DSLR audio section
  • 7-day Money Back Guarantee from date of purchase

Additional still images from a wide variety of lighting conditions and different models / skin tones coming soon. In testing RAW stills shot on the 5D3, I’ve found I can tune the color a little better for the 5D3 as its color science is a bit different from the 1DX II. Likewise, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with how the color looks on other Canon DSLRs, I’m happy to fine tune color for your camera if you can send me RAW stills of skin tones. This project is a lot of work- thank you for your support!

Canon 1DX II, Filmic Skin Gen Picture Style:

Compare to C300 II, ARRI Alexa color settings (Canon Log 2, Cinema Gamut, Production Matrix), Premiere Pro CC AlexaV3/Rec709 LUT:

Additional Examples

Canon 1DX II, Filmic Skin Gen, challenging magenta-green indoor lighting:

Canon 1DX II, Filmic Skin Gen, direct sunlight at the beach:

Filmic Skin also works well as a base for black & white (Canon 1DX II and Filmic Skin Gen picture style, converted to (near) B&W in post):


John SchultzFilmic Skin – ARRI Alexa Look & Skin Tones for Canon DSLRs