MP4 to MOV for Windows

John Schultz

Currently, Resolve cannot read the audio files in the A7S’s MP4 files.  MP4toMOV quickly converts MP4s to MOVs without transcoding- no loss in quality. Once converted to MOVs, the original MP4 are optionally deleted. The MOVs can then be edited in Resolve with audio.

The Windows version of MP4toMOV runs on XP or later and provides a GUI drag & drop target, an option to keep the originals, and progress and performance stats.  On Windows 7 a Taskbar progress display is also provided.


A typical workflow would be:

  • Backup MP4 files
  • Copy MP4 files to new location for conversion into MOV
  • Start MP4toMOV and turn off Options/Keep Originals (the original Mp4 files will be deleted after processing)
  • Drag and drop files and directories to MP4toMOV
  • The MP4 files will be quickly converted to MOV without transcoding and the MP4 files will be deleted
  • MOV files are now reading for editing
John SchultzMP4 to MOV for Windows