Photon for Windows

John Schultz

Photon: the Fast & Light Video Processor


  • Rapidly rewrap Sony A7S MP4 and FS700 MTS files into MOV containers without transcoding for use with Resolve 11 with audio
  • Fast transcoding of Samsung NX1 4K H.265 into 4K or 1080p ProRes 444 and 422 10-bit, XAVC 422 10-bit, or H.264 420 8-bit: Over 21fps 4K and 46fps 1080p transcoding speed is possible on a 2010 12-Core MacPro
  • Fast transcoding of Panasonic GH4 4K H.264 into 4K or 1080p ProRes 444 and 422 10-bit, XAVC 422 10-bit, or H.264 420 8-bit
  • H.264 IPB and ALL-I output support
  • Multiple ProRes options including LT, Normal, HQ, 444 and adjustable speed/quality using the FFMPEG QScale setting
  • Experimental 422 10-bit H.264 (XAVC)
  • Experimental H.265 output useful in testing the new H.265 HEVC format
  • Lanczos scaler for very high-quality 4K 8-bit 420 to 1080p ’10-bit luma’ 444 transcodes. NX1 4K H.265 420 looks amazing transcoded to 422 or 444 10-bit 1080p
  • Real-time CPU and memory load optimization to maximize multicore performance
  • Real-time performance stats including ETA (time to finish), processing Rate in MB/s, and processing FPS: helping you to optimize time and quality settings
  • Simple and easy to use UI with at-a-glance settings
  • Taskbar progress display is available in Windows 7 or later: handy for monitoring progress while processing video in the background
  • Runs on Windows XP or later

Photon can process Sony A7S Mp4 files into ProRes LT files at 192 FPS on a 12-Core 2010 MacPro from a 4TB hard drive to an SSD:


Supported Input formats: MP4, MOV, MTS, MXF. Supported output formats: Mp4, MOV, MXF.

A recent version of FFMPEG is required such as:

Read more about Photon in the Photon Manual.

John SchultzPhoton for Windows